Baccarat formula dAlembert 

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If you are the one who likes balance Reasonableness, then I think that the Baccarat DeLongbe formula is probably the best answer. Because this formula was invented by a French mathematician named Rond d’Alembert, Delongbe’s working model is a negative progression system. Also known as Negative Progression, where the heart is “When losing, increase the bet. When winning, reduce the bet.” However, Delongbe will work well only when the UFABET game has a probability of 50% (either win or loss), just like Baccarat 1324. There are also Another factor that will make the Delongbae formula even more effective is that it must be a profitable game that doubles when winning. You see, balance is the key to make this recipe work.

Baccarat formula dAlembert 

How is dAlembert used?

How to use the Delongbe formula is not as difficult as you think. Let me give two examples of situations to make it easier to understand:

Event 1: When playing and losing consecutively

If you encounter this situation, bet 1 additional investment unit per eye (1 unit can be as many baht as you like).

  • Round 1 bet 1 unit and lose
  • 2nd round, bet 2 units and lose again
  • 3rd round, bet 3 units and lose again
  • 4th round, bet 4 units and still not win
  • Round 5 bet 5 units (keep doing this until you win