It was revealed that Havertz’s goal against Peru was not scored by a strange rule

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It has been revealed that Kai Havertz’s duplicate penalty in last night. Friendly between Germany and Peru was not considered a goal due to a strange rule.

Kai Havertz ‘s shot which was rebounded. After his penalty hit the post and bounced off the net was not considered a goal due to a strange rule. While other countries As Europe kicks off their Euro 2024 qualifying campaign during this international break. Germany appear to be more relaxed as they qualify automatically as host nations. And they will play a friendly game while the qualifiers are on.

It was revealed that Havertz's goal against Peru was not scored by a strange rule

          And last night (Saturday 25 March 2023) they met Peru at the MEVA Arena in Mainz. It was a night for Werder Bremen striker Niklas Full. Crook, for his two first-half goals, helped the Iron Eagles to a 2-0 win. However, he could have walked off the pitch with the ball in the UFABET game if he had scored a second-half penalty. At 68, Germany took a 3-0 lead thanks to a penalty. 

         However , instead of giving Full Krug a hat-trick, Instead, Havertz picks up the ball to do just that. The Chelsea star doesn’t have the best penalty shoot-out record after missing out on a Champions League win over Borussia . Dortmund recently. Even if he had a chance to make excuses with a new shot. and likewise This time Havertz hit the post again, however, this time the ball bounced in his way and Havertz sent the ball into the net.

   However, the referee decided that it was not a goal without hesitation. What is the cause? It’s a rule we rarely see in football. By the rules stated that “The shooter must not play the ball again until it hits another player first. ” Even if it hits the pole The same player cannot touch the ball until another player touches it first. The same rule applies to a player who accidentally slips and kicks the ball twice. As we saw with Aleksandar Mitrovic’s penalty against Fulham in January.

          Although many people are well aware of the rules. But many football fans admitted that they had just seen the rule applied on the pitch. Many fans on Reddit reacted to the fact that the shot was not on goal. Opinions are like “I’ve been watching football for over 40 years and this is the first time I’ve seen this happen”, “I’ve never heard of this rule lol”, “Can someone explain this rule”, “I don’t understand it . Really, but it’s okay.”