President of Samba football clearly aiming Ancelotti sits in coach’s chair

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The president of the Brazilian Football Federation has confirmed that Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti is at the helm of the Selecao. Pointing out that the players and fans admired him and called for him to be brought in position.

CBF president Ednaldo Rodriguez has admitted that Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti is a top target. The Selecao is currently vacant because in addition to being a skilled consultant through many successes. The football players and football fans in the country of coffee would like him to take this position as well.

President of Samba football clearly aiming Ancelotti sits in coach's chair

The Samba team have not had a new boss. Since Tite resigned following the disappointing 2022 World Cup elimination in the quarter-finals, with Ramon Menezes taking over during recruitment. Italian coach. The rest of the contract with the White King until June 2024 has been heavily linked with news and recently  Rodriguez came to give an interview to reinforce it.

” Ancelotti has a lot of respect among the players, not just Ronaldo Nazario or Vinicius Jr., but everyone who plays for him.” CBA Big Boss F said: “I admire him a lot for his honesty in his work and continued management of the team. He didn’t want an introduction. He is a top coach with many accomplishments and we wish him more. It’s not just the players who like him. But it also seems to be a favorite with the fans. Everywhere in Brazil, in every stadium, he’s the first name the fans ask me about UFABET.”

Although it is mentioned Head coach Dan Macaroni very much, but Rodriguez confirmed that there has not been any official contact or discussion. By warning, patience is needed in the search for a new manager. Because it’s not the right time yet. Then let’s see if Will it be able to make what many people want to happen or not? 

” We will adhere to our approach ethically. We also respect the work done by the coach and his club. This would be a disrespect for the president of that club. If done arbitrarily, then we have the patience to wait for the right moment so that we can open talks,” said the president of the Latin giants.