Scottish coach opens up after Georgia calls for cancellation of Euro qualifiers after 10 minutes of play

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Scotland national team manager Steve Clarke Georgia’s players have called for last night’s Euro 2024 qualifier to be canceled. After 10 minutes of play had been played.

   Scotland manager Steve Clarke has opened up about his behind-the-scenes talks with Georgia when players demandedlast night’s Euro 2024 qualifier be canceled due to weather conditions. At Hampden, where the rain poured heavily, in this ทางเข้า ufabet game Callum McGregor fired the home team in the first 10 minutes before the referee Easton Vod blew to stop the game. There was a 100-minute suspension as Georgia players refused to leave the dressing room amid talks with UEFA representatives.

Scottish coach opens up after Georgia calls for cancellation of Euro qualifiers after 10 minutes of play

           After seemingly locking himself in the dressing room amid the anger of the home supporters and the frustration of the whiskey lords. The Georgia players, in addition to citing field conditions, also claimed fouls. However, the match resumed after more than 100 minutes of interruption and Scott McTominay ‘s second-half strike rewarded the Tartans for their patience at the National Stadium.

          It concluded as a Scotland side beaten 2-0. The result marked history for Clarke as Scotland won their first four games in a group stage game for the first time and became top of Group A. They were proud of the way his men dealt with the bizarre happenings in Hampden. And thanks to the unstoppable support they have received from their fans all along. 

   When asked what happened in the tunnel. The Scotland boss told Viaplay: “I think the Georgian players were just looking at the pitch at the start of the game. And think it’s still the same As soon as both teams come out of the tunnel you can see it’s going to be heavy again. In fact, the field was starting to dry up. Thanks to the volunteers who swept away and did everything they could to keep the game going. The Georgia players came out and warmed up and knew the field was fine. We finally got to race.”

           “Apart from when my three children were born. I think this is the longest day of my life!” Clarke said. “There were moments where it was quite surreal.” “The worst was after the first stoppage. And everyone gets ready, warms up inside. then you leave. You start again in 15 minutes and both teams enter the tunnel and it hits hard again. That’s when you start thinking: ‘Maybe we won’t start all over again.”I think we dealt with it with all our hearts. Great player, in, out, in, out, warm up, wait, warm up, wait.”

           He added: “I have to say about the fans, the fans were amazing. It would be easy for them to feel bad and even think about returning home. Because the game might be cancelled. But they stayed. Every time we entered the pitch they would be behind us cheering and encouraging the boys. You must finally thank them. We came out with another big three. We are now 12 points clear at the top of the group and it is a great start.”