Shearer points out big problem causing Manchester United’s poor form this season.

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Alan Shearer gave his opinion after Manchester United’s 0-1 loss to Newcastle that he could clearly see the problem. and the root cause of the Red Devils’ problems

Shearer points out big problem causing Manchester United's poor form this season.

Alan Shearer, legendary English striker Give your opinion after the game: Manchester United lost to Newcastle 0-1 on Saturday. That he can clearly see the problem and the root cause of the Red Devils’ problems lies with Marcus Rashford. The striker of the English national team. Playing like no-no, no-no. no motivation Didn’t bother to play with it at all.

After the game, Rashford was highlighted in many photos. The moment that allows the ball to roll across the face. Without trying to chase or cut off the ยูฟ่าเบท game in any way, Shearer said, “Newcastle decisively managed Manchester United in the game along the line. Trippier and Livramento did an outstanding job in Meeting Wan-Bissaka and Dalot.”

“In terms of United’s defence, they didn’t get any help from Garnacho and Rashford, especially Rashford who didn’t care at all. Didn’t pay attention to the game in front of me at all.”

“It has happened many times, Newcastle created a lot of chances in this game. And they should get many goals.”

The former Newcastle striker added: “For me there are too many problems at Manchester United, too many people with bad attitudes.”

“Everything is okay when your work is going well. You can do everything perfectly. But when things don’t go your way, when you look tired and need to roll up your sleeves to fight. This team doesn’t have enough character.’

Manchester United lost their sixth game out of 14 matches in the Premier League this season. While Rashford scored 2 goals in 13 games.