The former Liverpool defender switched to number 10 and compared himself to Messi.

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Former Liverpool defender The Premier League club has switched to the number 10 role and has compared himself to seven Ballon d’Or superstars, Lionel Messi.

 Martin Skrtel was once a centre-back in the Premier League with Liverpool and was known as one of the tough defenders. But now the Slovakian has revealed why he is happy to play as a No.10. The 38-year-old spent eight years at Anfield between 2008 and 2016, winning the league. Cup in 2012. Skrtel also made over 100 caps for the national UFABET team and was four times the Slovak Footballer of the Year.

The former Liverpool defender switched to number 10 and compared himself to Messi.

          But despite announcing his retirement from the professional game for almost a year In fact, the centre-back currently plays for amateur side Fka Hyskala Raztozno, who play in the eighth division of Slo football. Wakia, even more amazing Skrtel has played a completely different role for his latest club. and compares his newfound freedom on the pitch to that of the great Lionel Messi.

         Speaking to The Athletic , Skrtel said: “When I played in my first game. I said I would play in my usual centre-back position. But after 10 minutes I said to the coach, ‘Listen, what if I play as No 6?’ After 10 minutes I said, ‘What if I play higher?’ The next few games and scored 2-3 goals, now I play a little bit lower than that. I basically run where I want. is an independent role Like Lionel Messi!”

Some may wonder how does this Slovakian play up front? But most recently he scored an impressive free-kick during a clash between Raztozno and FCA Boynice . “I bet you can’t believe it was me, did you?” he joked, “but it was me, swear.” I tried to shoot and it flew over the bar about 20 meters. Fortunately, the next one is better.” 

         Skrtel’s decision to play amateur football stemmed from a promise he made to his friends. many years ago “I told my friend that ‘One day when I retired I’ll go home and play with you guys’ team in the village where I was born. My parents still live there. And I have a lot of friends there. i do it for them At first I said I would play. Everyone thought it would be just one game. We used to have over 3,000 people there, now it’s usually about 500 to 600.” He added, “I scored nine or 10 goals this season. We are second in the table. But I can’t say we want to get promoted. We have a very old team. I think our goalkeeper is 56 and we have a few mid-40s, the most important thing is to have fun, we don’t press.